here’s the deal….

ok, so, here’s the deal… i’m starting this blog cause i made an accidental discovery today, and i thought wow… someone might be glad to know about this… i’m sure someone else already knows it, but i didn’t so chances are someone else doesn’t… because of certain health issues, i need to eat 5-6 times a day, and limit my carb intake (not diabetic). so i keep it around 40 grams per day… wot i am gonna blog about are ideas i have come up with to make eating this way taste good. because most of the time, i am not hungry, so it HAS to taste good. i don’t use artificial sweeteners (blech) so if i am gonna have a sweet, it’s gonna be the real thing. and any recipes i share, i am gonna do a best guess based on nutritional info available. so you might want to calculate for yourself if you are worried about exacts.feel free to comment, feedback, share… if you try something i share and you like it, or hate it, or made it and tweaked it, wotever… some things i share are recipes i find on line or on the telly or in magazines that i like, or have tweaked… so… here we go…..


aha ! low carb, crispy, salty.. yummmm

today as i fixed my evening meal i discovered something new to me.

i was preparing mince (ground beef), making a patty, and decided to saute some onions with it.

so i seasoned my meat, and as soon as some of the juices from the mince covered the bottom of the pan i added the sliced onion.

then i thought… hmmm.. some cheddar would be lovely with this.  so i shredded some cheese and when it was time to turn the patty, i put the cheese in a pile on top, then scooped up the now softened onions and piled them on… well….

my usual method is to pop a lid on the pan to melt the cheddar… but, i thought… ok, if i use a lid, i have to wash a lid (my energy level was not peaking obviously).  a brilliant idea popped into my head… turn the patty back over and melt the cheese.

once the bits around the edges were brown and crispy, i figured it should be ready. i flipped it back over onto a plate….

WOW !!! the cheddar had got crispy all around the onion rings… ONION RINGS !!!!!!

it was crispy, salty, tasty.. with the sweetness of the sauteed onion…. a lovely treat with my “burger” and cucumber salad. and only the carbs from the onion!!!

the cucumber salad was simple: cucumber, mayonnaise, lemon juice (fresh), salt and pepper.

next time…. raspberry creme cheese muffins only about 5 grams per muffin… mmmm… choice….